17 – 19 Sep 2025  | 
GIFA Southeast Asia 2025 GIFA Southeast Asia 2025

P2 Promotions & Publicity

Dear Exhibitor,

Thank you for exhibiting at GIFA Southeast Asia 2025. A promotions and publicity programme has been prepared to ensure that the exhibition and especially you, the exhibitor, optimise the publicity opportunities available. Targeted at key buyers and audiences in the region, the promotions and publicity programme includes various channels, such as the exhibition website, direct mailers, electronic newsletters (EDMs) to press relations and more.

Here you will find all the information you need to help make your GIFA Southeast Asia 2025 experience the best it can be. Please refer to the information and tools below to plan and prepare for the exhibition.

We look forward to working with you on a successful event.


Editorial Coverage

This includes editorials, previews and reviews covered by both regional and local industry media (print and digital).

Direct Mailing

At least three waves of direct mailing campaigns will take place that may include Show Updates 1 & 2 that contain a list of exhibitors, as well as a brief description of some of the products and services to be exhibited.

Advertising Campaign

A targeted and concentrated media campaign in international and local newspapers, print and digital publications as well as, relevant trade magazines and portals.

Email Campaign

Targeted email broadcasts to potential visitors to promote the exhibition.

Show Catalogue

A comprehensive catalogue of the exhibition that enables visitors to search all participating exhibitors/exhibits according to the various industry segments. The Show Catalogue serves as an exhibition reference for trade visitors during the exhibition.

Show Guide

Contains information such as exhibitors listing, floor plan, event calendar and general information on the exhibition, and is distributed free of charge to trade visitors.

Press Conference

This is held prior to the exhibition to promote highlights and innovations at the exhibition and to build awareness and generate visitors’ interest. You should therefore inform us about your products and any innovations in the market, so we can provide the media with editorial documents covering special features and a full scope of exhibits at GIFA Southeast Asia 2025.

Show Website

Contains all information related to the exhibition.

[The publicity and promotional options may be subject to change]

Note: Sections marked with “*“ in this form will require your prompt action to take advantage of the publicity opportunities early.

*Exhibitor Details

*Product / Service Profile

Product / Service Image Upload

For enhanced publicity, please upload ONE high-resolution product / service image to accompany your product / service description.

  • Min. Resolution – 300dpi
  • Max. File Size – 2MB
  • File Format – JPEG
  • [NOTE] Only product photo will be accepted.
  • Company / brand logo visibility is restricted to the logo being embedded as part of the product image. Should your company wish to submit more than one product image, please provide montage of images in one single file.
  • Please ensure that the image submitted reflects the specific product(s) / service(s) which will be showcased at the exhibition.

If applicable, please select one (1) that best describes your product / service:
 Worldwide Launch – Totally new to the world. The first launch to be held during the exhibition.
 First in Asia/Southeast Asia – Already available to the market outside of Asia. To be introduced to the Asian market during the exhibition.
 New at Show – Already available in the market. To be showcased at the exhibition for the first time.
 Newly Improved – Improvement(s) made to existing product / service.

List of Principals / Distributors / Agents / Representatives:

For inclusion in marketing materials

Add More

Onsite Technical Presentation

Please indicate your interest to book a slot for a technical presentation and our Projects Team will get in touch with you shortly. Do note that the allocation of presentation time slot is subject to a first-come, first-served basis.

Onsite Activities

Should you be organising other activities during the exhibition, please keep us informed. The information you provide will be included free of charge, in all exhibition-related publicity and promotional material where applicable.

Type of Event:

 Product Launch    Product Demonstration    Contract Signing Ceremony    Workshop    Others